Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vistors In The Garden~

Today I had family and friends coming over~they love to sit on the porch and enjoy the flowers,bird and just the quiet...well, my porch is still covered with pollen and I really didn't want to stir it up by sweeping ...I pulled my old wicker settee out of the shop~covered it and added some pillows, a few little accents and I think it all looked pretty good?
The whole time I'm doing this...this little rascal is watching me! I love squirrels and especially him... but, he is the biggest ((mess-maker)) there is...he jumps on the feeder and takes his little hand and rakes all the seed out.....EVERYDAY...the ground is covered! He has his own feeder and he will eat there but he likes the birds feeder better!

He's really a can walk right up to him ~ I think he actually posed for me in these pictures...anyway WE all had a lovely morning~
I've started a new journal...
I always do the cover first~it usually comes easy and then I "think on" the pages...
Don't you love these old family photos? I know there are many stories in these eyes...

I really appreciate each one of you that stops by to visit and I love your comments!
God Bless all of you sweet friends~
Have a wonderful weekend~


  1. O love everything about this post!!! The settee with all the wonderful pillows is just lovely, and I LOVE the pics of your little squirrel! I have always loved those cute little critters. When we go and visit my in-laws in Pa. they are everywhere! I told my F.I.L how I loved watching the squirrels and he thought I was nuts!!! (The squirrels eat all there peaches ever year before they have a chance to ripen on the tree.) Oh well, I love watching them anyway!

    Your journal is just beautiful. I would want to leave it out for everyone to see!!!

    Have a lovely Friday!
    My Desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  2. Love your garden setting...I can see that squirrel making herself right at home amoung all those pillows ;-)

  3. What a beautiful post, and what a sweet squirrel. We have lots of them too. I love your settee, how beautiful. I really love your journal, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week. Terri

  4. What a beautiful settee! Such a romantic garden you have - and squirrels make the BEST uninvited guests! We love them, too! ;)

  5. What a delightful post!! I even enjoyed the pictures of your squirrel. (When I lived in East Texas they were so numerous and so destructive that I grew to think of them as just hairy-tailed rats.) I do think he was playing peek-eye with you.

  6. What a delightful setting you created!! I am loving all those fufu pillows!!

    We have a squirrel at our house too- he loves to tease our dog Jesse!

    bee blessed

  7. Hi Ann,
    What a beautiful outdoor setting .. Those pillows are beautiful !! Loving all the ruffles !! And, your little friend, NoW he is so sweet !! I can tell he is your friend too .. He knows who feeds him .. huh ?! Thanks for sharing, I could just curl up and sit there all day long ~
    big hugs ~tea~xo

  8. I love your little garden buddy. He is so cute. I love squirrels, but can you believe that they don't live here? We have chipmonks though. I think it's something to do with our elevation and cold Winters. Your settee looks beautiful and certainly gave me Spring fever.
    your journal is beautiful, like everything you do.

  9. What a sweet post! Your settee looks so lovely and the squirrel pics are so cute! The journal cover is really beautiful- thanks for sharing!

  10. Ann,
    I am crazy about your latest project. I have something I'm working on & wondered if I could pick your brain a little? Let me know if it's okay to talk. Lisa

  11. What a romantic garden setting!
    And it sure does look like that squirrel was posing.
    We have pidgins that are very messy, every day they come to the feeder and throw seed around. They are very comical.
    Your new journal is absolutely gorgeous. You really are fab at layering lace!

  12. Hi Ann, Your garden setting is just beautiful. Those ruffled pillows look very romantic. Ah, a squirrel. I love those cute little guys. We used to have one around the house and I called him Eddy. I'm a little bit sad that I haven't seen him yet this spring.
    Your journal is fabulous! All those pretty laces look very yummy!

  13. Ann amor, what a beautiful garden setting, I can hear the birds singing, like when we talked on the phone :) I can feel the sunshine and hear the happy laughter as you visit with your lovely friends, what a beautiful place to sit and enjoy Earth Day :) Isn't it wonderful what a picture can make us think and feel? Now about your new journal....Stunning...I can't even say more, because I think that simple word...truly says it all...Ann amor I think that the beauty of the things that you create will never cease to surprise or amaze me...but I do however think I will run out of words that will express how their beauty speaks of your beautiful spirit :) Besos, Rose

  14. Funny Story: My daughter found a baby squirrel that had fell from a nest after a bad thunder storm. She brought the little critter inside to her room and left it in a box, as it was not concouios..I know thats not spelled right..O.K. it was not she goes off her merry way. Later I heard the worse noise..widdle squirrelie was alive and well, and wanted out of that dreaded box. I never heard so much squaking and squelling in my life! The next time Ellie Mae finds another not awake critter, it will remain in the yard.

  15. What a beautiful garden you have. Lovely post.

    Love the cover of your new journal, it´s SO beautiful. Can´t wait to see the rest.
    xo Tina

  16. What a beautiful setting, Ann. Oh my goodness, that wicker love seat with ALL those gorgeous pillows is 2 die 4!!!! That's definitely where I'd like to drink my coffee. hehe Your newest journal is just as beatiful as each one you've every single detail!
    Your little squirrel is a cutie...we have soooo many of them, they are almost pests. They destroy all of our cedar bird feeders and everything else they can get their little teeth on.
    Loved this beautiful post.
    Love ya,

  17. Ann, your spot in the garden is stunning...all of the pillows and lace ... *sigh* ... so very pretty...your new journal is SO really have a way of layering your laces that is truly a vision of beauty!!!

  18. Such a pretty seat, your visitors will feel welcome. Very pretty journal how could you not write it it.

  19. Lucky guests!! That photo belongs on a magazine cover!

  20. Smart squirrel to hang out in such a pretty garden setting. :)
    I love your journal cover! I just found out that my twin brother is getting into genealogy, and that he has found a grade school photo of my great-grandmother. She arrived from Germany at the turn of the century at age 8, traveling by herself, to come out and live with her uncles in Colorado. I cannot wait to see the photo - and hope someday to make a journal like the one you have shared today.
    Enjoy your get-together!

  21. Very lovely! Tranquil and serene.

  22. Dear sweet Ann,

    It all looks so gorgeous!!! You did a beautiful job!!! I love the vignette you so lovingly created for your visitors! I know they enjoyed it and felt very blessed! Your whole setting is amazing! I love all the pillows and lace and your wicker settee! All of the pretties surrounding it make for a most delightful spot to enjoy your beautiful garden, the sweet birds and your cute squirrel friend! He is so adorable! I can tell you two are friends! I am sure he posed for you! I know you could teach him to eat from your hand. I love squirrels too, they are fun to watch! I am so glad you and your dear ones had a lovely morning! Just look at all those beautiful pillows!!! Your journal cover is gorgeous! You are so talented Ann, and very creative! I love to see all you are making, you are so inspiring! God bless you sweet friend! Love, Paula

  23. Hi Ann, checking out your blog today and that wicker is so amazing with all those pillows! WOW! Love it. I'm planning on working on my porch this week end so I can start enjoying the wonderful out doors. We have lots of squirrels and they do the same thing with our bird feeder..they have to make sure it is all on the ground...poor birds they have to get whatever they can! Have a great week end.
    Smiles and Blessings,

  24. What a beautiful post. I love the garden setting and that squirrel does look like he was posing for you..hehehe...
    Your new journal cover is so gorgeous, love it.

  25. Hello Ann :) What a lovely outdoor setting; the wicker with all the frilly & ruffly pillows looks so inviting! Cutie pie little squirrel..have you given him a name? It should be something mischiefey? Thanks for sharing with us! Warmest, Brenda

  26. What a most beautiful journal cover! Love it!

  27. Oh my... this post is just stunning... Just lovely....

  28. I love your little squirrel friend and your lovely wicker setting! The two go hand in hand for a perfect afternoon of sweet calm serenity! :) Enjoy!

    Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  29. Hello
    What a beautiful display of pillows that go so lovely in your setting. The little sqirrel is so cute but they are pesty sometimes, I have a lot of them here. Your journal is beautiful - love it all girl!

  30. hi Ann!
    hope you doing well!
    would love to see you!! love your blog!

  31. Hi, Ann,
    Your wicker settee looks so inviting. I know I would love to sit there. And you know my motto, a girl can never have too many pillows! Your journal is so beautiful, you certainly have that "magic touch" when it comes to creating. You had said one of your rose bushes had roses that droop down. I have a bush like that. It is an antique rose and it is called "Duchess de Brabant". That is just the way the roses hang which I love because I find them very romantic. So this may be the same with your bush. Well, I didn't mean to ramble on. Have a terrific, blessed weekend, sweet friend! Vicki

  32. This is so lovely...
    I also want to thank you for letting me use your
    paper rose picture on my blog...


  33. Wicker makes my Heart beat faster - how beautiful with the lovely pillows.

    In your last post, Random Thoughts, I couldn't see the picture of the cat on the tree until today - I have a black cat and the dog that sits on the ground looking up at the cat - both belonged to my Grandmother of long ago. Family memories and pictures - priceless!

  34. Ann, just absolutely beautiful, love Sandra's pillows. And your journal is just fabulous!!

  35. I am completely fascinated by your squirrels.

  36. Lovely garden setting and your squirrel is darling - really!

  37. What a gift you have for posting, in a beautiful way, about the simple things that we all relate to! I hope you enjoyed creating your luxurious outdoor settee...I sure enjoyed seeing it!

  38. Hey love!!! i am so amazed by how beautiful your blog is!!
    Thanks for following:P

  39. Love your garden....but especially love your journal........

  40. Hi sweet girl, I just wanted to drop by and tell you I'm thinking of you!!! I hope you are doing so wonderful dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

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