Sunday, May 30, 2010

Collections and a Gift from Lori~

Tiny collections in my home~
watches and butter pats

Shakers~ mismatched~
dinged up...

old clocks...
these are just a FEW of the things
that gather here~

I received the sweetest package in the mail from my friend
I've received several packages from
dear friends....I'll show them in the next
few post.. today, I'll show you some of the things
Lori sent
Look at this cute cabinet card...the expression on this little girls
face is just adorable....
~gorgeous lace with the touch of lavender
every time, I see something lavender, I think of Lori!
She is so good at making things beautiful~

She also sent this vintage bride&groom cake-topper....she knows, I love them,
and she thought this one needed to come live here~
It's so pretty! I love it Lori! Thank you so much!

Ok, I've got to tell you about this next picture!
We've been having a problem with SNAKES~
I know!!!... I'm terrified of them too! Anyway,
I noticed something in the door of this box
in my was really high up,so I
couldn't see what it was....I was so upset!
thinking for sure it was a snake after the little birds...
What was I going to do????
I thought about the zoom on my camera,
this is what it was~

I have no idea how this frog got up this high
He stayed all day...just watching~

A beautiful butterfly~
and beautiful flowers..
have blessed me this week!
Thank you all for stopping by
and thank you all again for your
sweet prayers! God Hears

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Thank you all so much for your sweet prayers~for holding me up and holding my hand~ I know things will turn out fine... I've been busy this week making things for the shop and the mall & me~ I made this cone last night~something about cones I love....cones and pockets!
This one I hung on the end of our bed inside an old's filled with all kinds of cute stuff, a couple little gifts from friends...I think it turned out pretty cute~

It's so hot was 95 plants have to be watered twice a day.... Does anyone know what this red plant is? Everyone ask! It's taking over my flower beds! Every year it moves into another one.. I don't mind ~

The Black-eyed Susan volunteered here...I have always loved these happy plants..."he loves me plants"~

The larkspur is taking over too....I so need to get all these flower beds under control...they are just so overgrown & going wild~ maybe this fall!
Now for some great news~

My friend, Heather .. has written a story for Crescendoh ! For those of you that don't know what this's a place where artist share their stories and inspiration. Sweet Heather has written a story for this week! She included a link for my tutorial on making paper roses...thank you Heather! I am so proud of you!!! Go over and have a look! I love this site!
Have a Wonderful Week Sweet Friends~ God Bless, Ann

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Back~

It's been a while, I know... I've not been feeling so well.....everything is OK and I should be ashamed for having a down time... but as my diagnosis date approaches..I'm feeling a bit of saddness,fear,worry and just weary at everything that's happened in the past year. As most alreadyknow.. last year, I heard those two words every woman fears the most...but, I'm doing great. It's just after being somewhat "normal" the last few months and not thinking about it every waking second, it's time to go back and face it all again...that makes it seem so fresh again..please say a tiny prayer if you don't mind? Now onto brighter things....
Some of you have been asking when the next sale will be
~ The Tin Rabbit ~
Saturday,September 11
I'll have more details this summer~
Thank you all for stopping by...
God Bless~ Ann
I'm still learning on uploading pictures
this one on the bottom was not suppose to be here!