Monday, June 28, 2010

Outside The Box Art Challenge~Time Chime Angel~

It strikes! One,two

Three, Four,five, Six. Enough,enough, dear watch,

Thy pulse hath beat enough. Now sleep and rest,

Would thou could'st make the time to do so too,

I'll wind thee up no more.

~Ben Jonson~ Thank you Lisa for the fun challenge! When I saw the cute soap box~ I thought of a body! I covered it with old paper, wired parts and pieces of clocks for her legs...the hour and minute hand were attached for arms...a sweet vintage doll head was used. Old folder tabs for wings...
for her heart~ a tiny pocket watch.
I can't wait to see all the other ideas everyone else has come up with!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create~

Welcome to my little studio! Come on in... that is...if you can squeeze through all the STUFF! It's small...REALLY small... but, it's cozy! My studio is in the laundry room....our home is small and there just wasn't another space's not too bad~I can create and do the laundry too!This is my worktable~cluttered, as usual....
when it's clean, I can't create~ I'm totally lost! This table belonged to my husbands grandfather...I added a little
skirt around it and tucked a few paper flowers to it ~the old white pompom curtains came from the Canton flea market...I hung them like stage curtains and used old lace panels on vintage swing rods for the shelves...I can swing them open while I'm working and close them when I'm finished~

Old jewelry boxes hold tiny treasures. A lampshade is turned into a mobile, with just everything clipped on it~ I'm like a crow...I find something pretty, I bring it to my nest~

I love this picture!...I don't know why, but this young girl inspires me's kinda like she's watching over me or something~Oh and speaking of "Inspiration"....wait till you see my next post!

I have lots of lace in stacked baskets, boxes and even more boxes...
too much?

Seam binding...all in my favorite shades....

Behind this curtain....dolls, doll heads and one of those doll heads is really creepy, I KNOW! Little elves...some from childhood, some just because they wanted to come home with me...Jars on top of jars filled with everything...I'm cleaning out some and parting with a few of these things~

and now

I keep things organized in all these drawers
This one came out of a newspaper office~
Someone has replaced a few of the pulls with old spools...

Everything is in here~

Baby doll clothes,
old Christmas odds and ends....
everything has a drawer~
Another little shot of my table~

Well this my little workspace, so glad you stopped by! Thank you Karen for hosting this wonderful party! I can't wait to go see all the other studios!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


“Of all the ‘attitudes’ we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing.” —Zig Ziglar The first one my test has came back OK! Thank you all so much for all your sweet prayers! And a special "Thank You" to Sandra ... definitely the sweetest heart in Tennessee! Look at this precious little hanging she made and sent me. She also crocheted the beautiful lace in the cabinet! It is so delicate and pretty..I love it! Sandra, I can't wait to meet you and give you a big hug!
I broke down and cut some of my hydrangea's this morning~
You have to cut them at just the right time to keep them from withering up,
hopefully, these will dry OK.... I may dry a few more and then let the rest stay on the bush
a while longer~I like the old "greenish" shade they become~

I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL weekend! Thank you all for stopping by~
God Bless!