Sunday, July 25, 2010

Playing With Time

Inspired by the beautiful poem ~Rock Me To Sleep by Elizabeth Akers Allen..I've been fooling around with time...I've had this old clock dial forever and decided to use it... I transfered the image of a woman onto it.. I can't seem to finish it ...what does it need???? I'm stuck...
I am going to stitch the wording on and then???? What should I do?

Please help! Have a wonderful week~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Gift From Lisa~

How Blessed I am to be here in this wonderful land of blog...
How Blessed I am to have such a wonderful friend~ I received the most beautiful package in the brought tears to my eyes, actually it made tears run down my face~ for a long time~ it was from our sweet Lisa ~Tarnished&Tattered
Come Closer...
Look at this beautiful box,

It totally took my breath away~
Lisa is sooo very talented
with a heart the size of Texas~

Look inside this gorgeous box, the lid has the sweetest "rabbits" on it
notice the "Tin" that she put on it...I love it!
But wait!
You've got to see what she packed inside....

Treasures that will make any artist go weak in the knees!
Look at these gorgeous things!!!

Have you ever seen a cuff so beautiful or a baby bonnet was delicate...
and look at the vintage purse...all in my favorite shades of cream & white~

Lisa also tucked in some of the prettiest the soft color!

She also included some of her ADORABLE resin pieces...
these are so cute...
I can't wait to use them in my art!

Everything was packaged so pretty
and covered with white buttons~

I will cherish this box means the world to me,
YOU are my inspiration!!!!