Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Old~ New Gardenhouse~

~ I love old gardens best....tired old gardens that rest in the sun~author unknown

A Mother's Day gift from my guys a few years ago.... my dad,husband and sons...
A gardenhouse made from antique windows,doors and bricks....Filled with things I love....

~ seed packages and pictures...
Jars and junk~

..flower frogs and flower pots...

birds nest~wasp nest ..

All resting in the that their work is done~
I hope you had a wonderful weekend~Please come again soon!
God Bless!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vistors In The Garden~

Today I had family and friends coming over~they love to sit on the porch and enjoy the flowers,bird and just the quiet...well, my porch is still covered with pollen and I really didn't want to stir it up by sweeping ...I pulled my old wicker settee out of the shop~covered it and added some pillows, a few little accents and I think it all looked pretty good?
The whole time I'm doing this...this little rascal is watching me! I love squirrels and especially him... but, he is the biggest ((mess-maker)) there is...he jumps on the feeder and takes his little hand and rakes all the seed out.....EVERYDAY...the ground is covered! He has his own feeder and he will eat there but he likes the birds feeder better!

He's really a can walk right up to him ~ I think he actually posed for me in these pictures...anyway WE all had a lovely morning~
I've started a new journal...
I always do the cover first~it usually comes easy and then I "think on" the pages...
Don't you love these old family photos? I know there are many stories in these eyes...

I really appreciate each one of you that stops by to visit and I love your comments!
God Bless all of you sweet friends~
Have a wonderful weekend~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Things~

Ever had one of those days when you just don't know which way to turn?~kinda like this cute cat hanging on a tree in my is just randomness..... An "oh so sweet" image of a little girl for you to use..I bought this from sweet Marion at Hertiage Antique Mall in Lufkin... so cute,hanging onto her bear for dear life~

New art for the shop...I should have been doing a thousand other things, but I just wanted to make something~ It's a tiny piece~ "Blowing Kisses"

And a couple pictures of my moms garden....

Her entire yard is just breathtaking~a cabin sitting in the middle of the woods... but,she loves these
purple verbena best.....I'll have to take more pictures of her yard another time~it's amazing

Thank you all for stopping by~ God Bless~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Madai's Magic~

Oh Madai, what a wonderful swap this was for me! I am still in awe at everything was truly as if a magic wand had touched everything you sent!...I met Madai several years ago when she made the most gorgeous banner for me...I've posted it's in my studio and is the focal point of the room...the magic~ well, I met Madai again on Flickr and we decided to do a swap...what a swap it was!!!... notice above.... the gorgeous doorplate?...I love it...I had been wanting one forever and this one is so pretty!
I oohed and aaahed as I opened this wonderful basket, a bee skep!!! Inside, oh my...It totally took my breath away! As I lifted each beautifully wrapped package another appeared...glittered stars,hearts, and trinkets of every kind...all wrapped and adorned with sweet little notes,poems and quotes, all heavenly smelling....the most beautiful music ever all captured on a CD....I play it everyday Madai~

Look at these sweet glittered hearts...I absolutely love Madai~ lovely packages of seeds that are now planted in my garden so maybe a little of hers will live here at The Tin Rabbit....have you seen her garden??? It's out of this world beautiful~

Next, out of the basket came this precious she not the cutest? I love her and her pretty little glittered cone~ her tag reads..."shall we take a turn in the garden?" Don't you love her?

The sweetest glittered BLESSED banner....

More beautiful hearts......
love the pretty blue ribbon on this one!

and yet another banner! This one for the shop,
How pretty it looks over the counter AND also the
sweet girl tucked in another DREAM banner ...I'm going
to hang it in the shop as well .....
I'll be sure to take a picture of it.....
Madai, thank you from the bottom of my heart....I loved playing swap with you~ It was so much fun!!!
Thank you all for stopping by to visit~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring at The Tin Rabbit~

A few spring pictures of spring at The Tin Rabbit...
Everything is so green and pretty, I love this time of year~

I wanted a picture of the koi but they are staying in the deep cooler part of the pond now that it's warmer

a ball of stone........

Post an angel at your door,
Fear the darkness nevermore.....
I'm not sure who wrote this but I love this saying.....
Oh and I know Easter is over but I saw this on someones blog ( I can't remember where, sorry) but I'm loving it...I guess being an "artist" and a Christian..I really enjoyed it...check it out!
Have a Great Week Everyone and I'll post pictures of my final swap with the precious Madai this week!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grandma's Button Can~

What is it about buttons that make us want to hang on to them in tins like a keepsake or something? When I was a little girl, I loved it when my grandma would take her button "can" off the shelf in her closet and let me go through it. It was like a prized possession, she'd hold up different buttons and tell where they came from.. ~ it was so exciting going through the tin and finding all her little treasures...a ring with the stone missing~grandpa gave her that, and how she cried when she lost the stone~ a baby bracelet~ a watch missing the hands..... grandpa gave her that too when they were "dating"....
a seed package with a pretty flower on it and no seeds....

and her mama's thimble....

I never tired of hearing those stories or running my fingers through
those buttons......

grandma's button can

A new tiny cone I finished~ Thank you all for stopping by~

Monday, April 5, 2010

Friendship Swap With Carola~Boxwood Cottage~~

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter?....Today, as promised...I'm going to show you my very special swap with Carola... know everyone knows this sweetheart from Germany! She is sooo talented and what an honor to have her as my FIRST swap partner! We met over at Flickr and decided to do this little Friendship Swap...well, it certainly was not little by any means...just look at ALL these treasures!!! Carola knew I loved the old china head dolls and that I had been searching for a frozen Charotte doll...look at these little darlings! The little Charotte doll has tiny wings that Carola attached to her but they came off during her long flight over here... now,they are back on...the sweetest little angel! The precious doll head came from Carola own collection! I will cherish her forever! I just love her Carola!!! There was the cutest little old,old book with beautiful, beautiful it! And look at the beautiful hand-crafted soldered necklace with "The Secret Garden"...she makes these!!! I am just blown away by her talent! And each item is signed so sweetly making it even more special!

Look at all this....treasures on top of treasures....wonderful old paper mache containers for me to work with and I've already dressed a couple! The sweetest little handmade cone, more soldered pieces...a fabulous darning tool from France! Oh goodness, am I spoiled or what??? Oh and look at the beautiful spoon...adore this~! It's hanging in my winow now...I smile everytime I see all this pretties Carola!

This is what it looked like as I'm opening this treasure chest~

Everything wrapped so pretty~

More soldered this one with the "A" ....

Antique thread.....

A pretty vintage powder box from France~ And another one of her very special handcrafted art's so pretty Carola~! It's now hanging on an antique mirror and it looks gorgeous....Thank you~~!

another soldered piece....CUTE!

Choosing a favorite is not possible as I LOVE everything she sent..... but~I adore this tiny little hat she made and embellished ...all my dolls are fighting over who gets to wear it~How sweet is this???

Thank you so much Carola for this wonderful Friendship Swap~It's amazing that you can live sooo far away and yet be so close....I love everything and will cherish it all forever~ Thank you, Thank you, Thank You from the bottom of my heart~ XO....

And, Thank all of you for stopping by to visit!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Not About A Bunny~

Happy Easter!

May we all remember what Easter

Is Really all about~

Monday I'll have more on my swap with Carola!