Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Things~

Ever had one of those days when you just don't know which way to turn?~kinda like this cute cat hanging on a tree in my is just randomness..... An "oh so sweet" image of a little girl for you to use..I bought this from sweet Marion at Hertiage Antique Mall in Lufkin... so cute,hanging onto her bear for dear life~

New art for the shop...I should have been doing a thousand other things, but I just wanted to make something~ It's a tiny piece~ "Blowing Kisses"

And a couple pictures of my moms garden....

Her entire yard is just breathtaking~a cabin sitting in the middle of the woods... but,she loves these
purple verbena best.....I'll have to take more pictures of her yard another time~it's amazing

Thank you all for stopping by~ God Bless~


  1. That little girl is adorable. I especially like her crossed ankles, great find!

  2. Your moms garden looks amazing, I can't wait to see more!

  3. Just love the gazing ball in the midst of the verbena! Your creation is lovely!

  4. "Blowing Kisses" is just lovely!
    Your mum's garden beds are so pretty.
    Thank you for sharing : )

  5. LOVE the doorplate that you received!! I haven't seen one like that. I have a small collection on my bathroom wall.
    The flowers in your Mom's garden are so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing your tag and the photo.
    Deb :)

  6. Hi sweet Ann,
    I enjoyed this delightful post so much! Your little cat in the tree is so cute. I love the sweet vintage photo! Thank you for sharing! I love the 'Blowing Kisses' artwork you made. It is beautiful!!! You are so talented and creative! I love the little girl, the papers and all the lace! Your mom's garden is so beautiful!!! I love verbena and just purchased some yesterday and my sweet hubby planted it for me today. Your mom's is growing profusely… such loveliness! I love her garden decorations and wood fence too. I would love to see more of her garden!

    I enjoyed my visit! God bless you! Much love, Paula

  7. Hi sweet Ann,
    I just left you a comment, but I don't know where it went, so I am leaving another… :)

    Your post was so delightful! The cat in the tree is so cute! I love the vintage photo, thank you for sharing! I love your "Blowing Kisses" artwork! It is so beautiful! I love the vintage image, all the lace and papers! You are so talented and creative! Your mom's garden is beautiful! I love her purple verbena! I purchased some yesterday and my dear hubby planted it for me today. Your mom's is growing profusely! I also love her garden decorations and wood fence! I would love to see more of her garden!!! Thank you for your sweet comment. How neat you and your hubby go to Jefferson all the time. We love it there, but have not been since last year. The next time we are going I will let you know and maybe we could meet there. I would love to meet you in person and give you a big hug! God bless you! Much love, Paula

  8. Hi again dear Ann! Thank you! Yes, it would be wonderful!!! My hubby, Adam, and I were looking on the map and we only live about 2 hours apart!!! Can you believe? :) So Jefferson, must be about halfway. We must meet in person one day soon! Have a wonderful week too! Love, Paula

  9. Hi ann,
    Beautiful creation by you again !! I could just melt over all you create !! Soo sweet !! Loving all your mommas' garden pictures too !! It looks lovely and so serene !! Isn't spring just wonderful !! hoping you have a happy, productive, fun week my friend ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  10. Hey Ann,
    Your mom's garden is her verbena, I have some too, but mine is white (what a Can't wait to see more of her garden. Love your "blowing kisses" art piece...gorgeous, as usual! Thanks so much for the cute little girl for us to use.
    Much love, Sandra

  11. HI Ann,
    Oh ya...most days are like that...I call it pinging...just like a ping-pong ball...bouncing from one thing to the next! I love your artwork...vintage sweetness at its best! THANK you for your sweet words and prayers for my family...I was so blessed.
    Have a great week1

  12. Ann amor, what a pretty lil bebe girl :) Thank you so much for sharing her with us :) I think your new piece is just gorgeous! Ooh I would love to have a garden like your mamas :) I can't wait to see more pictures of her garden and yours :) Hope we get to talk soon...I need to Smile :) Have a beautiful week amor! Besos, Rose

  13. Your "Blowing Kisses" creation is beautiful, Ann! What a cute picture of the girl with the teddy bear. Thanks for sharing! I love the wooden fence of your Mom's garden and the verbena are pretty.

  14. Ann, your tiny piece ,is so sweet, and beautifull-just love it,
    and the photoes from your moms garden with the verbena,in lilac ,so wonderfull, -Like Julia,I love the fence,-

  15. Ann, your collage is beautiful!!! and the peeks of your mom's garden are all so pretty!!!

  16. Oh such a lovely post.. Love the art work and isn't it so much fun to do... I am hoping to work outside today.... In a week or so I will start planting.... I love adding flowers and caring for them....

  17. Ann,
    Oh that little girl is precious holding her bear. I love to find the cabinet cards of children & they're even better when they are holding a sweet doll or something. I love your new creation. I've asked Jodie, Rose & Dawn if they will come see me & bribed them with a trip to your shop! Wouldn't that be fun?? We would buy you out! Your Mother's garden is a dream too! Love verbena, mine is in full bloom. Lisa

  18. I love random days - kind of easy-going while the creativity muse flits about coming up with new ideas. :) 'Blowing kisses' is precious!

    Your mom's garden is lovely too, and I'd love to see more when you have time to share.
    Happy day to you and yours,

  19. Gorgeous gardens and art.

  20. Love your randomness ~ especially your mom's garden and that sweet photograph of the little girl!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  21. Hi Ann,
    Your mother's garden is so pretty, and the color purple against the green, such beauty all from God's palet. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love your artwork, Blowing Kisses, how sweet.
    Have a blessed precious friend,

  22. I've been a lurker; first time to comment. Love your blog - just checked your profile and see you live in Texas - me too! Houston, Texs. My Mom and I used to visit Jefferson, Texas - love that quaint little town. Would like to know the secret of your Mom's verbena - how she grows them. I have no luck at all in growing them. Where is your shop located? Thanks for sharing your life.

  23. Hi jabreb..Give me an email~! Thank You!

  24. Oh Ann, I love it when you create sweetie!!!! I love seeing your beautiful artwork ~ such wonderful photos and thank you so much for the precious girl, I love her!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  25. Hi Ann, I love your "tiny piece" is so beautiful! ...And your mother's sweet garden. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! :)

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine