Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring at The Tin Rabbit~

A few spring pictures of spring at The Tin Rabbit...
Everything is so green and pretty, I love this time of year~

I wanted a picture of the koi but they are staying in the deep cooler part of the pond now that it's warmer

a ball of stone........

Post an angel at your door,
Fear the darkness nevermore.....
I'm not sure who wrote this but I love this saying.....
Oh and I know Easter is over but I saw this on someones blog ( I can't remember where, sorry) but I'm loving it...I guess being an "artist" and a Christian..I really enjoyed it...check it out!
Have a Great Week Everyone and I'll post pictures of my final swap with the precious Madai this week!


  1. Lovely Spring garden. You have wonderful yard art and the koi pond looks interesting. Happy Spring. We are having a very cold rainy Winter day.

  2. It is beautiful where you are - I enjoyed seeing your garden very much! The snow is melting here, so Spring is on it's way! :)

  3. oh, Ann!!! it looks like a little piece of heaven on earth at you home!!! just gorgeous!!!

  4. absolute spring time in Melrose,Texas. It is so green its hard to tell where one green starts and the other ends. I went to the website and to be honest I was finding it hard to keep my attention, but I'm glad I stayed with it. It left me in tears. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week dear friend.

  5. Lovely pictures! I loved the video, too!

  6. Your garden is beautiful, I love your cherub!

  7. Ann amor, I love Spring at the Tin Rabbit, it is so beautiful, You know I meant to tell you, when we were talking...I LOVED hearing all the birds in the background, when it is warm here, I sit on my porch or side yard to enjoy the sunshine and listen to the birds...their song is so beautiful :) Hope you have a beautiful week amor :) Besos, Rose

    ps...Isn't friendship a beautiful thing :) Thank you!

  8. Thank you for sharing the meaning of Easter, I was very moved and shared it with others..
    love your blog..

  9. Ann amor, I love Spring at the Tin Rabbit, it is so beautiful, You know I meant to tell you, when we were talking...I LOVED hearing all the birds in the background, when it is warm here, I sit on my porch or side yard to enjoy the sunshine and listen to the birds...their song is so beautiful :) Hope you have a beautiful week amor :) Besos, Rose

    ps..I love your angel at the door and the saying too :)

  10. those photos are drool worthy! for sure! I don't have anything planted like that outside here..and it probably won't be happening this year either, so thanks for sharing your pretty part of the world with me, I get my fill, and you do all the maintenance! hehe lol

    no, it's seriously gorgeous! well done!

    creative carmelina

  11. Dearest Ann,
    Oh, spring time at the Tin Rabbit is gorgeous! You have such a beautiful garden! Thank you for sharing it! I love the white flowers. We had one like that when we lived in city, we moved to the country 3 years ago. Anyway, I would love to get another one, I had forgotten how beautiful it was! I think it is called a Bridal's Wreath. Do you know?

    You pond and garden ornaments are lovely. I especially love the angel. Beautiful saying! Thank you for sharing the incredible video!!! My husband and son watched it with me. We were all just amazed! What a talented artist he is. I was so excited when I could make out Jesus's face. Beautiful!!! I am so thankful for His sacrifice!!!

    Much love to you sweet friend!

    P.S. I can hardly wait to see your swap with precious Madai!

  12. I love your pictures and the video was very inspirational.



  13. Spring is BEAUTIFUL in your corner of the world! And I love that little quote about keeping an angel at the door. Your atrium looks lovely surrounded by all the green in your yard! =)

  14. It looks so beautiful at your place - great photos. Thanks for sharing.
    xo Tina

  15. Beautifull, photoes, here everything is still brown ,no realy spring yet.
    xo Dorthe

  16. Bautiful Spring garden photos. Here in Australia we are enjoying beautiful Autumn/Fall weather

  17. Hello sweetie!
    I've been missing so much over here at your Tin Rabbit... The grounds are just beautiful and with a touch of Miss Ann it is only more magical!!
    The video was so powerful and moving, thank you for sharing that!
    And what a sweet surprise to read that you are going to share our swap! I wanted to post more pictures so you can see all your beautiful treasures here at Wren Cottage, I just have been over my head with work and studies... Just know that I do so love everything you sent me... you are an amazing talent and have such a beautiful heart that translates in all you do... I am so blessed that our paths crossed.
    Lots of love to you ~ Madai

  18. Ann,
    I love it! And your garden is lovely. I was thrilled to see your comment. I told everyone that I had to name drop & get Rose to sponsor me so that you would be my blog friend, LOL Just such a fan Ann! Lisa

  19. Beautiful garden! I've always loved your header too. Jacqueline

  20. Ann, your garden is absolutly beautiful! You have such a magic touch. ;)

    I LOVED that video... very moving. THank you so much for sharing!

    xo Heather

    p.s.- my Mom made me a paper rose for Easter from your "recipe" that you shared... ;) I love it!

  21. I can't believe I have missed your blog all of these months. So lovely and I especially like the angel at your door. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment as well. Sea Witch (p.s. I just became a follwer)

  22. There are several bloggers who sell Jeanne d' Ark....I buy mine from Tracey... They are expensive and more like books.... I will not be ridding of mine like magazines... You need to treat yourself to one or two... I loved the Christmas one if you can pick it up...

  23. Tracey
    I have her site on my last post.

  24. I love all the beautiful white blooms, are they fragrant? Your yard is so lovely, thank you for visiting my blog today and taking the time to comment :)

  25. Hello Ann, the pictures of your garden are so lovely. All the white really makes a statement against the greens! Things here are still a little "brown" as we are in need of rain! My azaleas made a good show this year.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back!
    Smiles and Blessings,
    Nancy C

  26. What beautiful colors and photos! The angel is indeed beautiful and I have never heard that saying. I have a cherished tin of buttons too--mine, my mother's, my grandmother's :) I know each one has a story!

  27. Hi Ann. I love your garden and that gardening house is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing this artist work. It is beyond amazing to me how filled with talent he is. It's also wonderful to see him appreciate the gift he has be given and that he acknowledges who gave it to him. I couldn't believe it when he flipped it over.

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind compliments on my aprons.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  28. how gorgeous is this! :)