Wednesday, March 17, 2010

White Wednesday~Collections

These weeks just fly by! It's time for another White Wednesday with Kathleen at "Faded Charm" First, this picture was SUPPOSE to be on the bottom(can Never get it right the first time!) but, it ended up on top! So, anyway...this is my newest pillow creation! Now, the collections....
This is a small collection of cake toppers I have, something about them I love...maybe I'm just a
romantic at heart...the photos in the back are from sweet Carola at Boxwood Cottage...we did a swap recently and she sent me these along with lots of other treasures from Germany...

One of these is the topper that was on my wedding cake many years ago! Have a Blessed,Romantic Day everyone!


  1. Your whites are romantic and beautiful! Love your wedding topper collection! How sweet that you did a swap with Carola... she is a dear!

  2. I don't think that's a small collection... It's a fab, sweet collection!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love the pillows Ann, and the wedding cake toppers are of Days Gone By and songs like "Going to Chapel" and "Forever and Always".
    Wonderful job.

  4. What a wonderfull collection,
    I`m in totally love with your pillows.
    And these cake toppers, a wonderfull collection, -newer saw one of those anywhere here ---
    Thanks for showing.
    xo Dorthe

  5. The pillow is beautiful. Love your vintage cake topper collection!

  6. Dear Ann,

    Your pillow is gorgeous! They are all just beautiful! I love your collection of wedding cake toppers, especially the one that was on your wedding cake! I hope you have a blessed, romantic day too!

    Much love, Paula

  7. I love your cake topper collection. A couple of years ago a friend gave me two matching ones and I have planned on using them in an assemblage and everytime I start to I talk myself out of it! They are too sweet. Theresa

  8. Such a gorgeous collection of vintage cake toppers! Adorable ♥

  9. Hello
    I love your cake toppers! I did a post last year on my collection, I have a thing for wedding stuff also.
    Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful week.

  10. What a fun collection...I hardly ever see any toppers here...I like how you have it all together...and yes I do think you are a romantic at heart:)...that's what all of your pretties say to me.
    Have a great week!

  11. Ann you always have the most beautiful whites. Oh how I wish I could see them all in person! The pillow is so scrumptious.

  12. Ann, that is a wonderful collection of cake toppers...they are all so gorgeous...i would call that quite a collection...not small at all...

  13. I LOVE your cake topper collection- absolutely charming!

  14. Such gorgeous treasures sweet Ann!!!! I love seeing these glimpses into your beautiful home...thank you so much for sharing with us ~ I hope you are doing wonderful and thank you so much again for the goodies!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  15. Ann ~ I just was at Lori's blog and saw the most amazing and beautiful things that you sent her ~ Ohhh my gosh I am sooo in love with your treasures that you create ~

  16. Ohhh how I love your wedding cake topper collection! I have a topper collection, too! There is something just sooo special about them, even with their age and chippy paint!!!! Thanks for sharing yours!

    Angelic Accents

  17. Oh dear Ann what a fabulous collection of pretty wedding cake toppers you own! So happy to see that the old German wedding photos that I sent you fit in there so well! I'm still swooning over all the gorgeous treasures that you sent me in our swap each day! I finally decided that I will give the wonderful suitcase pocket door hanger as a gift for my moms b-day next week, it's so hard to part with it, but I hope it will make her heart flutter! I hope you'll make more of these gorgeous treasures so I have a chance to get one for me one day! I so adore the ones you created for Lori, wow!
    Love and hugs to you sweet Ann
    from your friend
    Carola, xoxo

  18. I'm just popping over from Lori to tell you that you did a fab job making that swap, all goodies are magnificient! I already wondered where I heard your name before...but now I know, I have seen you at Carola's blog 'Boxwood cottage' too.
    Love your collection of cake toppers. Around Christmas there was a small antique shop here in town that had a Christmas tree filled with these vintage toppers, I put a photo of that tree on my blog.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, LiLi

  19. Hello Ann,
    Just popped over from Lisa's blog - you sent her the most beautiful creations!!! I'm adding your blog to my blogroll - I don't want to miss a thing that you share! I do love these little wedding cake toppers - so sweet!
    Wishing you a day filled with beauty,

  20. Hi Ann,
    Your blog is just full of gorgeous creations .. I really enjoyed just walking through it all .. I have to ask tho, do you sale your fufu pockets I saw on another blog ?! I tried to find out on yours, but, I haven't found a link to a web site .. if so sweetie, let me know .. your nut cups are to die for too .. Such beauty by you .. Have a happy blessed day ~
    hugs ~tea~ xo

  21. Ann, I love visiting your blog! Your photo's and creations are beautiful!

    Wishing a wonderful weekend, hugs Caroline

  22. Hi again Ann,
    I can't find your email on here .. can you leave it for me ?! thanks soo much ..
    more hugs ~tea~xo

  23. Oh My Gosh! Your blog is just awesome, I found you through Tea. I am in love with everything you have done, your pillows are so romantic and I scrolled down and saw your journal, I WANT ONE TOO!!! I am a follower now and will be here a lot.

    glitter and roses

  24. Lovely lacy pillow and nice collection of toppers.
    Great job on the little lamp make over, love the shade. And thanks for sharing the quote, so true and comforting.
    Sassy Saturday Blessings ;-)

  25. You do have a beautiful collection. I love your white pillows!!!
    Margaret B

  26. greetings, ann!

    i just popped over after swooning at lori's blog over your absolutely inspiring and stunning creations! lovely!