Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thankful Sunday~Swap with Lori~

Since I joined Flickr and started this blog, I have met the most amazing and creative girls ever! Everyone is sooo talented and there is such a sweet spirit among all of you! I've had the honor of swapping with some of the very best! My first swap was with Miss Carola of Boxwood Cottage...she is an absolute angel living in Germany! The second one was with the most adorable little fairy ever, Madai ~ Wren's, the absolute sweetest, kindred spirit,Sandra~ SKBlanks on Flickr and most recent, Miss Lori, the very, very talented and creative sweetie from My Faerie Window....since it's "Thankful Sunday" and I am so thankful for all these wonderful new friends here in blogland... I thought, I'd spend the next few Sundays showing these amazing swaps, I'll start with Lori, as I still have everything on my table from opening up. I had ordered one of Lori's precious powder puffs, she emailed and asked if I'd like to do a "mini-swap" of my pockets for the puff...well, it wasn't a mini at all...look at all these sweet things she sent!!! First the little puff is the most gorgeous thing ever! It's sooo cute all in cream and the tip end of it is all glittered like it's magic! I love that little detail. But wait.... next, is the most beautiful little doll all dressed in she cute or what? I love her!
Now, look at this little bunny Lori made! He is so tiny and sweet with his pink bow! Makes me smile everytime I look at him! Love those ears!

Don't you just love these little lavender bags Lori makes?... sooo pretty and it smells heavenly! And look at this gorgeous lace, she had it wrapped around this beautiful cabinet card and embellished so pretty....

Oh Lori, Thank You so Much for this wonderful swap, I love everything!!!, and I can't stop looking at all of it! Stop by and visit Lori at Thank you all for visiting today! Next Sunday, I'll show you another of these fabulous swaps! God Bless and Have a Great Week!


  1. What a beautiful swap - I love everything.
    Can´t wait to see all your swaps - I´m sure they are all amazing.
    ~ Tina

  2. Love your white stoneware in the hutches, Yum Yum!!
    I will be back to visit this creative site.

  3. Lori creates the MOST beautiful things. I visit her blog and swooooon, and she just shared what you sent her. Gorgeous! :)
    I look forward to visiting again and seeing more of your swap goodies!
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  4. Your treasures are beautiful! Lori's talents are AMAZING! I won a giveaway she hosted and I am STILL in awe over all the beauty!!!

  5. Ann, what a sweetheart you are!!! i could not be happier with the beautiful things that you sent to me...i am just in love with my gorgeous pockets, your work on them is just stunning...thank you again for doing a swap with me, a few corners of my home have been made more lovely:)

  6. Oh Ann, what a wonderful "mini swap"! Of course, there's no such thing as a "mini" with you or Lori. As the proud owner of one of Lori's gorgeous puffs, I can truly say her talent is amazing! The linen and lace sachet is so pretty; the wee little bunny is precious; and I adore that beautiful doll!
    I saw the beautiful pockets you made for, love, love them both, as well as that sweet little ballet shoe, and that little nut cup is THE cutest I've ever seen!
    Yes, blogland is full of sooo much creative talent!
    Love ya, Sandra

  7. OOoohhh Ann,
    you always share such BEAUTY !! I want Everything .. All the colors are amazing, and how wonderful that you all swap with each other ..Very sweet it all is, I could just sit and take this in all day .. But, they want me to cook dinner, can you imagine ?! hahaha .. thanks for inspiring me AGAIN !! I hope you have had a wonderful Sunday ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  8. Hi Ann I have just come over from Lori's blog after reading her post on your gorgeous swap goodies. Welcome to Blogland and I look forward to getting to know you. Come visit my blog

  9. Such beautiful things! Lori is so talented and sweet. I've really enjoyed looking through your blog -- I love your lace creations!


  10. Oh wow! I love Lori and her beautiful creations! The things she sent her are so gorgeous!! I love everything!!!

  11. Fun swap- you are both very talented! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm lovin your beautiful blog :)

  13. Absolutely gorgeous!

    And speaking of which, I just saw the divine name-tag you created for Theresa! It's lovely!

    So happy to have discovered your beautiful blog and equally nice to meet you. :-)

    Have a great week!

  14. Hi sweet girl, what absolutely GORGEOUS treasures from Lori!! I'm so very glad that you're here, blogging...and sharing. You have a precious spirit about you and talent beyond measure!!! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, hugs and love, Dawn

  15. What a lucky lady you are! So beautiful, can't wait til next Sunday!

  16. Dearest Ann,

    You are so creative, talented and sweet-spirited! I am so glad you began a blog! What a wonderful swap!!! I love the powder puff Lori made for you, it is gorgeous! The doll is so lovely and the rabbit is just adorable! The lavender bag, lace and cabinet card are beautiful! Lori is a talented lady! I look forward to seeing the other swaps!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Much love,

  17. Lori makes wonderful things! And I saw what you sent to her, too, WOW!

  18. Both you and Lori make beautiful things. I love your mirrors and the white bird cage. I have one just like that.

  19. Wow, what an amazing swap! I love everything you got from Lori but I as well love every single thing you had sent to her! Just beautiful!

  20. Ann amor, what a beautiful swap you did with Lori, she makes some of the loveliest things doesn't she :) My daughter loves her lil bunnies...and she is 13 and not a girlie girl, but it is something that she covets and I hope to get her one, one of these days :) You know one of the things that I so admire about Lori's work is the quality of her work....the details are so lovely! I loved her swap gifts from you too, they are GORGEOUS! Besos, Rose