Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Winner~!

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments~! Each one of them so sweet~
it makes me so happy to think you would want something I've put together ~
I wish, I could give each one of you something!
I cut out all the wonderful comments,
put them in this bowl Had my dad pull out one
~ Burlap Luxe~
Please email me with your address....

Okay, that was fun.
Dad...let's pull one more out....
It's... "Darlene"
If you'd like this collage, I'll send it to you
please email me~
now, one last draw for this little silver cup with an old glass pick,
a bottle brush tree and a few more little things stuck in it~
" Fran"
Please email me if you'd like this little cup...

Thank you all for taking the time to comment~
Hope you are all enjoying this blessed Christmas season~


  1. Congrats to the lucky winners! That was so much fun! Thanks for offering the great giveaway treasures! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. Such pretties you gave away...lucky girls!
    Have a wonderful, joyful season of celebration!

  3. Oh, how fun! Congratulations to all three!

  4. Oh the lucky girl, congratulations to them.

  5. Hi Ann, Congrats to the lucky winners! Im sure they will adore the beautiful treasures they have won. Have a great Sunday....Julian

  6. Congrats to the lucky winners! Ann~ Thanks for sharing.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Congratulations to those lucky winners! Happy Birthday, Ann!

  8. Congrats to all the winners and what a fun thing for you to do! Hope your season is measuring up for you and that you are having so much fun decorating and getting ready for the big day!
    Hugs- Tete

  9. Ann, Theresa from Garden Antiques stopped by yesterday and we were talking about fabulous places. I commented to her that I was so disappointed about missing your open house. I have never been but by the pictures and other blogger comments I have decided next time I will not missed it for anything. Theresa mention too about your prices, I love to be able to buy unique pieces for my home and for my shop. I will start praying for a chance to see you next time. Blessings, Marta.
    PS Do you set up in any of the shows? When I saw your picture I could not shook up the feeling of knowing you from somewhere.

  10. Congrats to all the lucky winners! Maybe next tiime for me? Ha!

  11. Such sweet objects for the winners... Congrats and blessings to all.

  12. Dearest Ann, Congratulations to all your blessed winners!!! They will love your gorgeous creations!!! You are so generous dear heart and continually inspire and bless me with your sweet spirit, giving and loving heart and amazing creations! I love you angel friend! For you truly are an angel! xo Love, Paula

  13. Congrats to all the lucky winners. Such beautiful work.

  14. Such a generous giveaway of your beautiful treasures. Congratulations to the winners. Happy Holidays...

  15. Congratulations to the winners! Beautiful treasures you have given, they will be thrilled, I know I would be.
    Have a great week

  16. Oh I am so excited I won Ann!! Please tell your Dad thank you for me! I will be watching for the mail!! I feel so very blessed. XO Fran

  17. Thank you for being so very generous!!!! And congrats to the winners. Anyone would be LUCKY to win something from sweet you! Hope you are enjoying the season. HUGS!

  18. Oh! Boy!
    Major excitement for me! Thank you dear one, I told you it was my style :) Tell your wonderful Dad thank you for drawing out of the pot my name :)

    I am soooo! looking forward to this inspiring GIFT!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you !!


    "Un Joyeux Noel"


  19. Congrats to the winners! Such a beautiful giveaway

  20. Congrats to the lucky winners!
    ~ Julie

  21. Ann!!
    I am so excited to tell you I received your BEAUTIFUL GiveAway yesterday! (Friday)

    I could not wait to set it out!! You will be surprised to no that in my post I stated that the branch tree would demand attention and steal the attention to the details I gave my natural French Christmas tree to the sitting room.

    Well, Now when you enter the front door look to the right, into the sitting room... you now see sitting center stage on a white, and gray chest in front of the sofa your featured GiveAway!

    It is so Hauntingly Beautiful, and so full of recycled altered Christmas!

    It is TRULY a Joyeux Noël over here!

    Sweet Christmas dreams to you and yours.


    PS. There is more to this... My daughter Hannah
    wanted me to place your work of art in her bedroom so she can awake to vintage Christmas! as you noticed I won! and everyone is greeted to you having your beautiful hand in our Christmas.


  22. Gorgeous blog! I am also a breast cancer survivor and totally agree with you. It makes you realize what's important in life and puts it in perspective. I wish you continued health and a wonderful Holiday Season.
    P.S. I never heard of a bottle brush tree. They are beautiful.
    Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  23. Hi!

    thanks for stopping by my blog so that i could find you! i LOVE your creations, they are so whimsical, and pretty. each one is a little work of art... i can't wait to read your posts!


  24. Lucky.. lucky lady... So lovely... congrats...