Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Thank you all so much for your sweet prayers~for holding me up and holding my hand~ I know things will turn out fine... I've been busy this week making things for the shop and the mall & me~ I made this cone last night~something about cones I love....cones and pockets!
This one I hung on the end of our bed inside an old's filled with all kinds of cute stuff, a couple little gifts from friends...I think it turned out pretty cute~

It's so hot was 95 plants have to be watered twice a day.... Does anyone know what this red plant is? Everyone ask! It's taking over my flower beds! Every year it moves into another one.. I don't mind ~

The Black-eyed Susan volunteered here...I have always loved these happy plants..."he loves me plants"~

The larkspur is taking over too....I so need to get all these flower beds under control...they are just so overgrown & going wild~ maybe this fall!
Now for some great news~

My friend, Heather .. has written a story for Crescendoh ! For those of you that don't know what this's a place where artist share their stories and inspiration. Sweet Heather has written a story for this week! She included a link for my tutorial on making paper roses...thank you Heather! I am so proud of you!!! Go over and have a look! I love this site!
Have a Wonderful Week Sweet Friends~ God Bless, Ann


  1. Ann, yes, you would have loved that shop in Boerne, it was all you! I can't wait to come and see all the pretty things you've made but just getting to spend time with you is just a real treat. Pretty flowers but I don't know what type they are, other than they look sort of like a Lilly. Have a good one my friend, T

  2. Love those overgrown beds!!

  3. That cone is soooo beautiful Ann - Love your creations.
    Sending lots of good wishes too. Hope you´re doing fine.
    xo Tina

  4. I hope you're doing better, chickee! I also love your creations, sugar!

  5. I don't know the name of the red flower, but they have invaded almost all of my flower beds.


  6. Cones and pockets are fun as we can keep our treasures in them. Yours are always so beautiful. Your plant beds are just fine and happy to have flowers in them. Prayers continue. Happy creating...

  7. I also like over grown flower beds. It"s more romantic to let the flowers grow the way nature intended them to grow. Not so restrained. Hope you are felling better...Julian

  8. Your creations are beautiful. And I love your English garden, so pretty.


  9. I love the over grown beds...........the red flower could be a trumpet lilly? You take care, stop by for a visit. XO MARY

  10. Hi Ann,
    I'm sooo happy you are back, and feeling better !! I LOVE your new creations !! DROOL !! Everything you create, I JUST HAVE to HAVE !! I'll be watching when you list a new pretty !!

    How wonderful that you have the talents you do, it WILL keep your mind busy, and your sweet heart warm !! LoVe to you my sweet friend ~
    hugs ~tea~ xo

  11. Hi dearest Ann,
    You are so welcome for the prayers! I will continue to pray for you and I am always here to hold your sweet hand! I know everything is going to be fine too!!! Your photos are all so beautiful! I love the reflection in that pretty mirror of your gorgeous bedroom! The Victorian hand is beautiful, and I love how you hung it on the wall holding the pretty vintage purses! You always inspire me! I love the beautiful cone you made and all of the vintage pretties you filled it with. I love how you used gifts from friends too!

    It has been hot and humid here too, in the 80's and 90's. I think we are both in for a hot summer Ann! LOL! My sweet hubby is keeping everything watered. Thankfully we had nice rain the other evening. I love the red flower, but I don't know what it is. I am glad you don't mind it taking over though! The black-eyed susan is so pretty and cheerful. I love it when things pop up in the garden! The stone is lovely! The larkspur is beautiful! I planted some from seed, but I don't think it took. Yes, wait until fall to tackle those beds, they look gorgeous, and it is too hot to do it now!

    Thank you for the link you shared. I am happy for your sweet friend and will go visit.

    Much love to you my dear friend! God bless you and fill your heart with joy and peace!

    Love, Paula

  12. i saw your rose over there on Crescendoh Ann, congratulations to you!!!
    i love your cone...i think you make the prettiest ones i have seen...
    i am thinking about you, and praying for you to feel better from your respiratory bug...and for you to get through your anniversary...sending virtual hugs from your friend in ohio...*hugs*

  13. oh, sorry...i have no idea what that flower's pretty though...

  14. Hi Thanks for stopping by... I am doing well and my tests came back good... They called this afternoon... Always rather fretful when they order testing.....I do run out of energy very easily now and that really bothers me badly... but I am just not that spring chicken anymore...I hope you are doing well and oh I so love those vintage purses...especially the silver one...

  15. Ann,
    Your cone adornment is beautiful.
    What a fun way to keep the treasures you've been gifted with.

    Thanks for coming by for a visit.


    barbara jean

  16. Your flowers are beautiful Ann! You are such a sweetheart... thank you for your kind words and I LOVE that paper rose tutorial!

    Hope you have a good week. Will be praying for you...


  17. Hello Ann! Your cone is lovely! I really love the way you have displayed the vintage purses and that mirror is beautiful!! I will have to try making those paper roses sometime. Thanks for the link about Heather, she's so sweet and talented, just like you!

  18. Just love your beautiful flower gardens...wish mine would get "out-of-control" like that!

  19. You deserve an own Art Saves article Ann! Hope to read about you on there one time soon!

    I'm always on the look out for a beautiful old mirror like yours, but had no luck finding one yet. The reflection is so delightful and I also love the bags!

    You sure make the most beautiful cones! Love the paper leaves and flowers you made for this one and that darling baby shoe aw, the whole cone turned out so enchanting!!!

    I never saw that quite exotic looking red flower before, but well you have a totally different climate in Texas, how hot it is there already, while it is still quite cold over here.

    The black eyed Susan is an entire different plant here in Germany, looking like this:

    Don't you hate weeding? I sure do, I try to plant my perennials so close that there is no more space for the weeds to grow tee hee

    Sending you well wishes my friend!

    xoxo~ Carola

  20. Ann,
    Your cone is something so very beautifull,love the material you used for the cone itself, and all the goodies yoiu placed inside.
    And the garden looks like a wonderfull place to spend some time.
    Wishing you all the best.

  21. Thank You all sooo much!!! Carola,the leaves in the was a cluster of them on a stem..they were in a gift... I didn't make these :( they looked so pretty&matched so well, I had to add them! Love& Hugs, Ann

  22. That red flower is GORGEOUS! We don't have our really hot weather here (yet), but I know once it comes it will stick around till September, so I'm enjoying the dryness we have now. I LOVE your cone! It is STUNNING! And a huge thank you for your comment on my blog... it TOTALLY made me blush!!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  23. Hi, Ann, I'm not sure but I think that red flower might be some type of alstromeria (spelling?). God bless. jennifer

  24. Hi sweet Ann, I love the reflection into your beautiful bedroom. And that cone**sigh**just so pretty!
    95 degrees!!! are you serious. It was 36 degrees here last night! how 'bout we find a happy medium?!
    thinking good thoughts for you dearest!

  25. Ann,
    I'm so happy to see you feeling good. I adore that red flower, never seen one like it. You know how I love your pockets, is that a shoe in that picture? I can't tell. Whatever, I love it! I hear you about the heat. My goodness, every year I swear will be my last Texan summer. Then I forget the worst of it. LOL You garden looks amazing already. Lisa

  26. Hi, Ann,
    Your cone is wonderful as is everything you create. I also enjoyed seeing your pretty garden. It is already very hot here in Central Texas, too. Could the red flower be an amaryllis? It is awfully pretty whatever it is. The Black eyed Susans are such a happy flower. Congratulations on Heather featuring your tutorial. I am going over and read about it. Have a lovely Friday, sweet friend, and terrific weekend~ Vicki

  27. Hello Ann,
    Sooo excited to see you have a blog..I have these beauties here in central Louisiana, I was told they are Parrot Lillies..very old 'invasive' flowers here on the old homestead..I love them!
    blessings sent your way..debbie p.

  28. Ann, thevintageboquet is right - the plant is a parrot lily - I just looked it up on Google and they have a picture that is exactly like the red flower in your blog. What beautiful gifts Nature gives you each year!

  29. The flower looks like a astrolomeria or parrot flower they come in all kinds of colors and they last a long time as a cut flower. I love your pictures. Have a great day!

  30. Hello Ann
    Your art and home are always such an inspiration. I am happy you can feel the positive thinking and prayer from your fellow blogging friends. Hope the bronchitis is doing better (3 weeks now for me still have a super plugged ear)...have a wonderful weekend! :)

  31. Yes, Debbie Is right, your unknown bloom is an Alstroemeria, or sometimes called a Peruvian Lily here in New Zealand. This is one of the originals and you can now get all manner of colours and sizes. I have some drawf varieties growing. I especially love these tall ones as they do so well in vases and are so pretty.
    I also love the cone you made, totally gorgeous!
    Carole :)

  32. Your art creations are lovely as is your garden area. I'm not familiar with the red flower but it is pretty! Prayers and positive thoughts remain for you.

  33. I can't wait to go and see what Heather wrote, your paper roses are fabulous!!!
    Your red flower is Alstroemeria psittacina 'Royal Star' I looks like it.
    I hope you are feeling better...I just started a bout of bronchitis.... after a bout of strep.....yeesh!!!
    Margaret B

  34. Ann, It seems like summer in Texas has taken an early start doesn't it? It is so hot & HUMID so early. Hubby & the neighbors are replacing our fence & the heat has whipped their booty's. Love your cones. And yes, my flowers are on the wildside too. My rocket larkspurs are just about done. My viloas were divine this year. The part I hate the most is when they are finished (dead & brown) but, you have to leave them until they re-seed. Have a great weekend. Charlene