Sunday, May 30, 2010

Collections and a Gift from Lori~

Tiny collections in my home~
watches and butter pats

Shakers~ mismatched~
dinged up...

old clocks...
these are just a FEW of the things
that gather here~

I received the sweetest package in the mail from my friend
I've received several packages from
dear friends....I'll show them in the next
few post.. today, I'll show you some of the things
Lori sent
Look at this cute cabinet card...the expression on this little girls
face is just adorable....
~gorgeous lace with the touch of lavender
every time, I see something lavender, I think of Lori!
She is so good at making things beautiful~

She also sent this vintage bride&groom cake-topper....she knows, I love them,
and she thought this one needed to come live here~
It's so pretty! I love it Lori! Thank you so much!

Ok, I've got to tell you about this next picture!
We've been having a problem with SNAKES~
I know!!!... I'm terrified of them too! Anyway,
I noticed something in the door of this box
in my was really high up,so I
couldn't see what it was....I was so upset!
thinking for sure it was a snake after the little birds...
What was I going to do????
I thought about the zoom on my camera,
this is what it was~

I have no idea how this frog got up this high
He stayed all day...just watching~

A beautiful butterfly~
and beautiful flowers..
have blessed me this week!
Thank you all for stopping by
and thank you all again for your
sweet prayers! God Hears


  1. okay, sorry to be brutally honest, but I was loving your post up until that dreadful one with the door knob..i was too frightened to actually look, but my kids tell me that yes, it was a.......let's not say!

    everything else was your collections...they are so wonderful!

    thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

    stop in and see me!

  2. Great post...I've found frogs in the strangest of places. One morning there was one in my toilet (must have come in through the pipes somehow), and then there's the one that was on the inside of my 5 gallon water bottle on the stand. Any how...also love your clocks, watches, and of course, we never have enough butter pats!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  3. OMG< I just read Susies comment! I would have a dang heart attack! I can't believe that picture of the birdhouse. I don't know if I could venture into the garden after that one. Your hydrangia's are amazing Ann. That Lori is one big Sweetie! Have a great week. Lisa

  4. Is that a real frog??
    And is it ab birdhouse he is sitting in?

    love that knob piece.


    barbara jean

  5. I just love your collections and the goodies you received from Lori! That is such a fun photo of the frog~ amazing it could get up there!

  6. Hi Sweet Annie girl,
    Ooohh I'm so happy you stopped in to say hello .. I LoVe when I see you visited .. You are a doll .. I keep thinking of you, and wishing you well ..

    All your collections are just to die for .. I LoVe the patina in all your gently used pretties .. very charming, and soo fun to look at .. What a wonderful idea of putting all the butter pats out in a bowl .. Isn't it fun to have all of our collections out to actually enjoy looking at !! That is why I live in "clutter cottage" .. but, it all tickles my heart sooo much ..

    Hope this is finding you well, and making lots of sensational creations like ONLY you can do !! Ann, if you EvEr make any of those sweet hanging hearts to sale, let me know .. They are so scrumptious, and I would LoVe to purchase one from you ..

    Okay sweet friend, enjoy your evening, and here's wishing you a wonderful, blessed, happy week ~
    BiG HuGs,
    ~tea~ xo

  7. From the look on the frogs face he doesn't either. How funny! Is he still there? There is always something going on, huh? Take care dear friend. And the parrot lily, I have had them here for ever and I never knew what they were called until now.

  8. Gracious Ann, I adore all your beautiful collections! Those butter pats look gorgeous in that bowl, love the watches, and of course, I have a soft place in my heart for the salt, love, love!!!!
    Lori's treasures are so sweet, especially that cake topper.
    I think I might have had the big one over the frog! hehe I have a little wren nesting in an old watering can on my deck, and I stuck my head in to check on her eggs. About the time I did, she flew out, right through my hair!!! Needless to say, I did a dance! My husband is still laughing! ;-)
    Love your flowers and the's amazing how much joy the little things can bring!
    Love and Blessings,

  9. Your collections are so beautiful! Yikes on the snakes...Your gift from Lori is beautiful.

  10. Ann, I love seeing pics of your home. Thanks for your sweet comment. Happy Memorial Day, T

  11. I loved seeing your collections and you have them displayed beautifully.

    I'm not a huge fans of snakes either and I thought the frog was actually a snake at first....

    Have a great holiday tomorrow!


  12. Oh, how I love how you have so casually displayed those butter pats! Love the wedding topper, too (I collect wedding memorabilia!). THe clock faces and salt shakers are terrific, toO!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  13. Your garden is looking beautiful Ann. And you great collecollections. Thanks for stopping by. And have a great holliday also. Julian

  14. Thank you Ann for your kind words, your prayers mean so much to me right now I can't even say. Love all your photos. My neighbor once found a big frog in her shoe while she was trying to put her foot in it! Taught her to never leave them out on the porch over night! XOXO Martha

  15. Hey Ann sweet, your collections are really lovely. I love old clocks and watches, but I don't find many in my travels. I wonder if folks in Idaho only used sun dials in the old days.hehe
    That cute little froggy is looking very content there. The bugs must be yummier up there.
    Lori is such a doll. She certainly blessed you with some wonderful things. I love her talent and the things that she creates. I am amazed at her art.
    I won't be seeing butterflies anytime soon. The Spring has been too cold and wet, but soon I hope.
    Praying for you...

  16. Love your collections Ann - everything is so beautiful.
    Such a lovely gift from Lori, she is just the sweestest.
    Hope you´re doing better. Sending lots of good wishes
    xo Tina

  17. Ann, the little flowerbowls, are just so sweet,and looks beautifull in the big bowl.
    Your watches are fantastic too,and the shakers ,oh my, love them.
    And the wonderfull gift from Lori, so adorable,
    -----------------The frog realy found himself a great home,there :)

    Have a lovely monday, dear Ann.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  18. Hello Ann
    I just love looking through your collections...each one is always displayed so lovingly...the butterpats tug at my heartstrings...but that frog popping out from the keyhole is just too funny (and scary)...what a clever fellow! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

  19. Oh I love all your collections ~ especially the way you have done the butter pats!

  20. Your collections are lovely..... Have a wonderful holiday.

  21. You have an artistic eye with all your collections. They are lovely and look as if the photos belong in a glossy decorator's magazine. Very nice!

  22. Ann, you are SUCH a doll:) i hope your wedding topper has found a space in your wonderful collection...hello!!! i DO NOT do snakes either...i have been wearing boots to work in my flower beds this year, because i am so terrified of stepping on or having a snake crawl/slither over my feet...did you know that i once had a snake in my hallway? it was a bitty thing, but i nearly had a heart attack when i saw it...i think it probably got into our basement, and one of the cats brought it upstairs...*shudder*...i dearly hope that was the last one i see in my house...i hope you are having a beautiful memorial day!!!

  23. Such a beautiful post, Ann! Gorgeous photos of your sweet collections and garden, and the package from Lori is wonderful - she is such a sweetheart and I am always in awe of her beautiful creations! Oh - and thank goodness your visitor was a frog. Whew! :)

    Thank you for visiting me - it is a joy to get to know you. Know that you are included in my prayers.


  24. Hello, my sweet friend,
    Your garden is so pretty, love those larkspur and hydrangeas!! I am so thankful it was not a snake. I am terrified of them. A frog is much better. I have a bullfrog in my pond that serenades me to sleep each night. Lori is such a sweetheart, and she certainly gave you many pretties to treasure. Enjoy your week, Anne~ Love and blessings~ Vicki

  25. Oh how sweet a tree frog in the door hole. I am a frog and toad person myself. Actually I just think toads are the cutest, maybe even better than bunnies. They do NOT eat my plants, they DO eat bugs and help my gardens.

    I love your collections. I have a few of those butter pats in the cupboard and some of the silver topped salt and pepper. Great minds think alike.

  26. Ewwww, that frog is ugly. At least here on the coast we have cute little green frogs! And they hide all over the place and then jump out and scare me too death! LOL

    Your gifts from Lori are so pretty. Love the bride and groom topper. Lori is so talented and very sweet and I love following her blog too.


  27. Hello Ann
    Your pictures are so lovely and that little frog is so funny just sitting there.
    I hope all is well with you and that the Lord will make His face shine upon thee and give thee Grace this day...
    Have a great week

  28. I love your collections, especially the bride and groom cake toppers, I collect those too! I have a lot of getkos at my home! My daughter lives a little bit in the country and a five foot rat snake fell on her husbands head when he opened the garage door a couple weeks ago!!! OMG! Suzie

  29. I love vintage bride and groom toppers - they are nothing like what you find today.

  30. Well, I don't know how you found my blog, but I'm so very glad you did! Now I've found you, too! What a gorgeous blog...I'm following you so I can visit again and again! :)

  31. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them with us! Have a blest day!

  32. Hello sweet Ann,
    I love your tiny collections! The watches are beautiful and I love the sweet butter pats… I love how you have them stacked and in the bowl! Your lovely assortment of shakers are fabulous and I love the old clocks too. You have everything displayed so beautifully! I love how you decorate! The gifts Lori sent you are so beautiful! The wedding topper goes perfectly with your wonderful collection! I am so glad it was a frog in your pretty birdhouse and not a snake! Eeek! I am sorry y'all have been having problems with them! The butterfly and your flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing all of your lovely photos dear Ann! You are so right, God hears our prayers! I am continually praying for you sweet friend! May the Lord richly bless you and flood your sweet heart with peace! Much love to you, Paula

  33. What lovely photos as usual!! The salt shaker collection is just such an awesome collection!

    A frog thinking he is a bird- hum I think they are spraying too much chemical stuff these days!

    bee blessed

  34. What a delight it was for me to find you as a follower and then to click on your site was a blessing. Your site is so wonderful and full of things I love.
    Don't know how you found me but delighted you did so I could find you. Looking forward to getting to know you a lot better.
    I am so sorry about your Breast Cancer and what your going through to get well. I too had it and I am one of the many survivors and God has blessed me the years he has given me to support this cancer and others.
    Know that I am here for you anytime you need to talk about it.
    Loved my visit

  35. Great photos! Your little visiting frog looks like he stepped right out of a fairy tale. What fun :)

  36. Hi Ann,i love the butter pats, what a great idea!I found your blog at brenda's cozy little house.You have some great collections. I enjoyed visiting....Kathy

  37. I wish I had known you during my 21 years in Houston..maybe you could have told me how to get my Hydrangeas to survive the heat. Yours are beautiful. I love your little collections..thanks for sharing.
    Janet xox

    PS..thanks for visiting my little blog :-)

  38. Love your blog and your pictures are beautiful! Love the frog...I find them in my house this time of year. My sweet faced little boys look at me like they idea how this happened!

  39. I just found your blog, I love all your little collections. I would love to see more pics of your greenhouse, inside and out. I have a greenhouse and would love to decorate it, not sure where to begin. Dena

  40. Ann,

    Thank you so much for stopping by oldgreymare. I popped right back over to yours and just finished reading your entire blog. I will be happy hanging out here.

    SO many things caught my eye, but esp your post on Carolla. We have been email buds for over a year now. My friend Sue will be going to Bremen next month and they hope to meet up with her.

    This same friend will celebrate her one year anniv. of her breast cancer surgery tomorrow. She is going through all the one year tests in the next 2 weeks, so I do understand what you are going through, as I watch her deal with the same issues.

    Blessings to you.


  41. thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love all of your collections! You are a much braver person then I am.....if I even had the slightest hint of a snake....out of there!

  42. LOL..crazy frogs.. Love your blog.
    If you want to talk just email.
    my address is on my profile

    Hugs and prayers

    I collect butter pats and shakers too~~~

  43. Stopping by from Brenda's Cozy Little House.

    Enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog.

  44. I am so happy that Brenda sent me over to your blog. You are a kindred spirit. I love your collections and will be back to read more.

  45. I admire people like you who know how to display and LIVE with their collections. It takes a real knack to do it RIGHT, like you have, here! Brenda pointed me to your door, so, ding-dong, Welcome Wagon calling! WELCOME. xx Suzanne

  46. Snakes?? Oh my, I am scared of them too. So glad to learn it was a frog!! Brenda sent me over to say hi. Your blog is charming and I will be back often. In the mean time, stay away from snakes and stop by and visit me when you get a chance!

    Susan and Bentley

  47. Oh your goodies are marvelous! I collect salt shakers too & loved yours all lined up on that little shelf. ADORABLE. And your brides are so sweet. Hope you are feeling better. Charlene

  48. Eeeeewwwwwww...that frog DOES look like a snake! I would have freaked out too are not alone! ;)

    Isn't Lori just the sweetest? I'm sure the package totally brightened your day and now I can't wait to see all the other goodies you've received...I'm sure they are all marvelous!

    As for your collections, I cannot tell you which one would be my favorite...I love them all. I think the wedding toppers hold a special place in my heart and your showcase of them is just FABULOUS!

    I've gotta get over there with's time for a road trip :)

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  49. Ann, your blog is lovely and you have so many beautiful treasures! I'm here from the Cozy Cottage and glad. I volunteer with Chemo Angels ~ an incredible organization supporting those going through treatment. If there's anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to let me know! You WILL win this battle ~ :-)

    Brightest blessings,

  50. I believe you have OUT CLUTTERED me this time...( which is NOT easy to do )
    You have some marvelous things to play are very your blog my new found blogging friend.
    Would you share a larger image of that wonderful wall hanging that you have featured right under "My complete Profile"....that says'...I LOVE... I have fallen in love with it too.

    Thank you,

  51. P.S. I have just become a follower....please come over when you have a minute...I would love for you to see my "clutter" as well.
    My email is if you do wish to share a larger image of the wall hanging.

    Check out some of my older posts.

    Thanks again.


  52. We just went through your town but, I didn't know it ahead of time to see if we could hook up. DARN! Maybe next time. I just saw all the goodies you sent to my friend Lisa (Tarnished & Tattered). Wonderful goodies! Hope you are doing well & so glad you got good test results. I am a double mastectomy club member too. Not a club you WANT to join but, thank God we have such good options now compared to the past. TAKE CARE. Charlene

  53. Very noisy here..with all the screaming over your watches and butter pats....I just love them and the way you have them displayed!!

  54. Beautiful photos-love your blog! :-)

  55. Hi Ms. t.r.
    I am just ga-ga over those butter pats.
    And, I loved the story and photo about mr. or was is a mrs.? frog.
    I have only seen frogs a couple of times in the last 25 years, and each time memorable! love.♥

  56. Hi Anne,

    It was lovely to visit you today and your blog is so beautiful.
    I love all your collections and so glad that was a sweet frog and not a scary snake.
    I look forward to coming to visit again.

    Hugs and enjoy the rest of the weekend

  57. I sure hope you are feeling better!!

    LOVELY post! You have some of my very favorite collections - minus the snakes. Thanks for sharing glimpses of your beautiful home.

    Now how did that frog get there? He must either have very springy legs or some good suction on those webbed feet.