Friday, February 12, 2010

Magic at The Tin Rabbit

Today, I did something I never expected to do here...I made a snowman, a snow angel and listened to kids laughing as they rode a "boogie board" used as a sled. This is Texas, we don't do thoses things here,well until today...magic happened,everyone smiled and for a few short hours
nothing mattered but the beautiful white snow....


  1. Beautiful photos! We get so much here, but I always think it's lovely! Enjoy!!

  2. Wow Ann, the snow was really pretty at your place. Hope you have a great weekend, T

  3. Hi Ann,
    Oh my gosh, I did the same thing, I made a snowwoman too, along with a leopard scarf and a leopard purse to match. I though it was my age I'm glad to know it was the snow!!

  4., so, beautiful! How fun to build a snowman & to lay in the snow and be an angel where, in that moment nothing mattered!! Priceless!

  5. Love all your pics of the snow. I bet the kids had a great time playing in it. The snowman is fab. I live in Canada, near Buffalo, so we are used to all that white stuff. It really does make for a pretty picture though.

  6. So beautiful and serene! It is just so special when we get to witness Mother Nature's beautiful work, up close and personal instead of on tv, haha! I so enjoyed waking up to the snow, just made me feel fresh and renewed inside! The last time I can remember getting this much snow in our town was back in 1982 or 83 and it is one of my most favorite memories that is burned in my mind forever........My Daddy was away on business and it was only me and my Moma at home, we had several inches of snow in the morning when we woke up. We bundled up in as many clothes, scarves, gloves, and hats as we could find and we walked way down the was so quiet, the snow wasn't disturbed except for our two pairs of footprints. We just walked and talked for what seemed like forever, just my Moma and me! When we returned home, we warmed up by the fire and Moma scooped snow from our balcony rail and made us snow ice cream!
    My Moma loved snow better than any person I have ever known, except for me, haha! She would have loved this little snow storm we just had and would have been giddy with excitement! I think seeing her love of snow is why I love it so much to this day!
    Your pictures are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Milli (sashagirl on flickr)

  7. Oh Ann, what beautiful pictures! They say we had snow in every state except Hawaii...this global warming thing is really something!!! lol We got about 5 inches two weeks ago, but only about an inch this time. :(

  8. Gorgeous photos! I posted my TX snow, too! Our neighborhood kids were all out front playing in it til after 1::30am!!

    Happy PS!


    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  9. How special to have snow in your snowman! We never get snow here in Central Florida, so I have enjoyed all the posts with pictures of the beautiful snow. Enjoy and stay warm and cozy,